5 Reasons to Become a Lorry Driver

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Many children know from a young age: when they grow up, they want to be lorry drivers. However, there are also people who only consider the possibility of becoming a trucker later in life. Want to know why you should become a lorry driver? And what the benefits are of this job? In this article, we give you 5 reasons to become a lorry driver.

Lorry Driver A job as a lorry driver means you are on the road a lot, which for most is one of the biggest advantages of this profession. It’s not a nine-to-five job, but a flexible one, where working hours can always vary. As a lorry driver, you are expected to handle responsibilities, be physically strong, punctual, honour your commitments, and be stress-resistant. Perhaps the best part is the immense freedom you get in return. The 5 best reasons to become a lorry driver are:

  1. You are Always on the Road Imagine this: it’s spring. The sun is shining, it’s twenty-four degrees outside, and the road ahead is almost empty. A cool breeze flows through the side window. Your arm hangs casually out of that window. To your right, you see a large lake with crystal-clear water. To your left, several high mountains with snow-capped peaks. Your favourite artist is playing one of your favourite songs, while you take a sip of an ice-cold cola.

Does this sound like music to your ears? Then working as a trucker is probably right for you. As a lorry driver, you are often on and off the road. Depending on the type of transport you drive, you can see a lot of beautiful things. Not only will you visit places in your own country where you have never been before, but if you drive international transport, you will also see something of other countries. For those who like to see something of the world (or of the UK), this is a very nice profession.

  1. You Have a Lot of Freedom If the thought of stepping into an office every morning at nine o’clock, saying hello to your colleagues, and then sitting behind your desk until the end of the day sounds dreadful to you, then you are in luck. As a lorry driver, you don’t have to deal with such working conditions. In fact, as a lorry driver, you enjoy a lot of freedom.

Of course, you have to ensure that you are on time with your lorry at the places where you need to be. Only in this way can goods be loaded and unloaded according to schedule. How you ensure that you arrive at your destination on time is entirely up to you. This freedom is probably one of the most important reasons why people want to become lorry drivers.

  1. You Can Be Trained Internally Don’t have a lorry driving licence, but find the idea of working as a trucker appealing? Then there are transport companies where you can start right now, even without a Class C licence. Some companies choose to contribute to your retraining. They pay (a portion of) your driving training, teach you the tricks of the trade, and let you shadow experienced drivers to gain experience. In this way, once you have obtained your licence, you are fully prepared to start working.

Retraining to become a lorry driver could be a very nice option if you are looking for other work and are interested in a job as a driver. Online, you can find more information about transport companies that want to contribute to this retraining, and you can immediately see if this possibility exists near you.

  1. You Fulfil an Important Role Everyone likes to contribute, to do something important, right? As a lorry driver, you are truly indispensable. Without you, supermarkets would run out of stock, shelves in hardware stores would be only partially filled. Factories wouldn’t be able to make their products, and petrol stations would run out of fuel. In other words: without you, a lot goes wrong. You are the one who ensures that the supermarket is stocked on time, so everyone can buy groceries for dinner. That the construction of that new housing estate can continue because they have the right materials. And that waste containers are collected or emptied on time.
  2. Other Good Reasons: Need more reasons to convince you that a job as a lorry driver is for you? Alright. Other reasons to become a lorry driver include:
  • You can bring people (or your dog) along if you don’t want to work alone. This is especially nice if you are on the road for a long time.
  • After an international trip, where you are often on the road for a considerable time, you are often free for a period. A kind of mini-holiday after a long work week. Wonderful.
  • On the road, you meet a lot of fellow truckers, allowing you to have a friendly chat with a colleague in, for example, a roadside restaurant before you have to continue. So, you work alone but have intermittent contact with colleagues from all over Europe.
  • While driving your truck, you have plenty of time to follow a language course by CD, or to listen to audiobooks. This way, you can combine your job as a driver with a potential hobby.

Hard Work Of course, working as a lorry driver is not just about driving around, drinking coffee, and eating freshly made sandwiches from petrol stations. It is indeed hard work. You are expected at certain times and must comply. You deal with loading and unloading your goods, interacting with customers. You are on the road all day, dealing with many road users who can get on your nerves, and often stuck in long traffic jams. Additionally, you are responsible for the lorry, and you must keep it clean and ensure it is technically sound. And yes, even as a lorry driver, you have to do your paperwork.

If these things do not deter you and you still find the idea of working as a lorry driver very appealing, then this could be the job for you.

Becoming a Lorry Driver: What Do You Need? To become a lorry driver, you obviously need a Class C licence first. You will have to obtain this licence, or you must find a transport company willing to help you. Additionally, you must also obtain the professional competence Code 95, a certification you need to drive a lorry professionally. Besides these certifications, you must also be physically fit to drive a lorry.

How Much Does a Lorry Driver Earn? As a lorry driver, you earn on average between 1700 and 2500 euros per month. Your salary mainly depends on allowances. For example, do you work on weekends or at night? Then you will earn more during those hours, resulting in a higher salary. A lorry driver is allowed to drive a total of 9 to 10 hours per day. And a working week, due to all the new rules, cannot be longer than (on average) 48 hours per week. hgv medicals birmingham

Where Can You Work? As a lorry driver, you work for transport companies. The type of transport you want to work in is mainly a personal choice. For instance, you can work in distribution, supplying supermarkets. But you can also transport livestock, work in road construction, do tank transport, or transport hazardous materials. Additionally, you also have the choice to drive only nationally or also internationally. Job vacancies can be found on various job sites

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