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Writing Christmas Cards – Our Best Tips

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Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to tell your loved ones just how much you appreciate them, and for this, the traditional, handwritten Christmas card is perfect. Especially in this age of quick, digital messages via messenger services and emails, Christmas greetings through post are a beautiful tradition through which you can express a great deal of appreciation to the recipients.

Perhaps you’d like to say thank you to your family in this manner because they are always there for you, or to a colleague with whom every long overtime flies by, or share a lovely memory with your best childhood friend. Are the words still not flowing properly? No problem!

From heartfelt messages to loved ones to appropriate business Christmas greetings, find tips and suggestions here to send sparkling Christmas vibes. You can let our templates inspire your own creations, personalise them, adapt them, or use them directly.

Step by Step: How to Write Christmas Cards? You’ve chosen the most beautiful cards and now your pen awaits in your hand to bring warm words to paper. But nothing comes to mind and you don’t know how to start? We have assembled 6 steps for you to find an effortless start to your festive greetings:

  1. Set the Tone for the Christmas Greetings. Before you begin with a salutation, you can insert a quote, a line from a song, a poem, or a warm wish for the upcoming times. If the card is designed with a personal photo or a special motif, choose your introduction accordingly.
  2. Choose the Right Salutation. With “Dear…” you are usually on the right track – this works for parents, friends, colleagues, or the neighbours. If you want to make it a touch more personal, you can use “My dearest…”. If more formality or a greater distance is needed, for instance in a business or professional context, you can also use “Yours sincerely…” or “Esteemed team of xxx-department…”
  3. Write a Personal Message for Close Ones. You can use nicknames, inside jokes, and shared memories when you write a text for people close to you. This makes it clear upon reading that you took the time to compose an individual greeting.
  4. Christmas Cards in a Professional Context: Formulate Warmly, yet Appropriately. Even in business, warm Christmas greetings are a good opportunity to say “thank you” and maintain good relationships. Not only with customers but also with business partners, employees, or within the team. For this, you can reflect on the highlights of the collaboration over the past year.
  5. Send Good Wishes. Before you conclude, you can express your best wishes for the recipients. You can traditionally wish “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” or get creative. Perhaps something like “a cosy, fragrant, and glittering Christmas time…” or “Have a relaxed Christmas on the beach…” suits.
  6. Your Signature. You’ve taken the time for personal greetings and wishes – now you only need to sign so the readers can properly attribute the heartfelt message.

Templates for Your Christmas Greetings With the right message in your Christmas card, you not only warm the hearts of those who receive it – you also let them know in a wonderful way that you are thinking of them.

We have compiled templates for you with which you can design your cards for Christmas time personally and warmly. Let them work as a short message on their own, adjust them, complement them with your own texts, or combine several sentences from the list.

Ideas for Christmas Greetings for Family, Friends I am so grateful to have a friend/brother/aunt… like you by my side. Not just at Christmas but all year round. Friends/Family make Christmas a true celebration. I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Having a friend/sister/father… like you makes Christmas special for me. I can’t wait until we can celebrate together. Enjoy the magical holidays, play your favourite music, and celebrate with those you love the most. Happy holidays! I wish you unstoppable joy and endless fun! May these holidays act as a rejuvenating cure, allowing you to start the new year full of energy and zest. Happy holidays, enjoy! The best gift is spending time together. I can’t wait to see you and spend cosy Christmas days with you. Having parents like you is the best Christmas gift I could ever receive. The most beautiful part of Christmas time is all our shared memories. I am grateful for such lovely people in my life. May we create many more beautiful memories – and eat far too many biscuits! Merry Christmas! It’s such a pity we won’t see each other this Christmas. Have a few biscuits for me! Merry Christmas! Don’t worry about Christmas presents for me. I just wish all my loved ones are healthy and happy. Merry Christmas!

Personalised Christmas Cards for Radiant Joy Whether handmade, painted, drawn, or with a photo: Individual Christmas wishes are a shining highlight of the pre-Christmas period. At Doxzoo, you will find personalisable holiday cards to which you can give your very own touch. Choose between traditional and modern designs and add your photos and texts.

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